Porcelain Jewellery. Photo by Vivienne Bala
Eszter Imre
ceramic artist and designer
» about me

Portrait of Eszter Imre by Kata Kis

I was born in Hungary in the year when the Halley's Comet came closest to Earth.
My favorite color is the Autumn, and I believe in signs.

I play guitar and some other instruments, I'm passionate about typography and calligraphy,
I love dancing and smiling.

Sunshine, dance anytime anywhere, the smell of the rain, to make people smile, a good talk,
to reach goals, nice music, unexpected meetings...
... these make me happy.

I work with clay, wood, metal, glass, plastic, stone and paper.

I think my most unexpected quality is that I can write with my left hand,
even in a backwards direction, even simultaneously with both of my hands.
(I'm right handed.)
I'm a thinker, I like to analyse things, understand, and make thing easier,
find the best solution.
Curious, precise, and independent is the 3 words I would use to describe myself.
And so on... CV (pdf) Photo (jpg)

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00 46 76 279 44 17 /Sweden
00 36 20 251 17 43 /Hungary

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» currently

Tendence Talent & FORM 2014 (Frankfurt, Germany)

Participant in the Tendence Fair at Frankfurt Messe, (30 August - 2 September 2014) Frankfurt, Germany.

Where the white things are (Berlin, Germany)

Solo exhibition at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery (6 - 21 September 2014), Berlin, Germany. Vernissage Friday 05 September at 7pm.
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» some works

Experimental Ceramic Objects (2014)

Design Master Degree Project » (jpg)

Golden Splash (2014)

Hand painted porcelain brooches with gold and platinum » (jpg)

Cups for the Empire (2014)

Stormtrooper inspired porcelain espresso and coffee/tea cups with Imperial Cog inside » (jpg)

Galaxy cup family (2013)

Set of porcelain cups » (jpg)

Kastello's special (2013)

Espresso and cappuccino cups with colourful silicon rings
» Picture 1, Picture 2,

Trihollow (2013)

Icecream bowl » (jpg)

Paper tray - 2013 edition (2013)

Porcelain tray
» Picture 1, Picture 2,

Clamp-cups (2013)

Porcelain cups with stainless steel clamps » (jpg)

Candle cubes (2012-2013)

Translucent porcelain candle lights » (jpg)

Splash of colours (2012)

Simple porcelain brooches in many colours » (jpg)

Hide and Seek (2012)

Porcelain sculpture » Picture 1, Picture 2 (jpg)

Capture Fragility - again (2012)

Experiment with size and texture. Result: 1m2 porcelain sculpture for wall.
Picture 1, Picture 2 (jpg)

Inspiral (2012)

Porcelain spiral necklaces » (jpg)

Mustproduction (2012)

Porcelain sculptures inspired by the manufacture view of tableware
» Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4 (jpg)

Cross-cut (2012)

Porcelain jewellery set inspired by the manufacture view of tableware » (jpg)

Rim (2012)

Porcelain jewellery set inspired by original plate and cup rim » (jpg)

New Table-Wear (2012)

New series of table-ware inspired jewelry » (jpg)
Project Catalogue » (pdf, 10MB)

Handle it Nr1 (2012)

Porcelain brooch » (jpg)

Tea Time (2012)

Porcelain bracelet » (jpg)

Cautious growth (2012)

Porcelain spice vials » (jpg)

He and She (2011)

Exploring the feminine and the masculine in tea cups » (jpg)

Urban pattern (2011)

modular porcelain installation » (jpg)

Hugcups (2010-2012)

Extraordinary and playful cup with external handle » (jpg)
Family of Hugcups with external handle » (jpg)
Extraordinary cup with internal handle » (jpg)

Coffee-Spot (2010)

Special series of espresso cups with colourful flock cover » (jpg)

Caffe Latte (2010)

Coffee pot for special serving » (jpg)

Tea for Two (2010)

Teapot for serving two person at the same time » (jpg)

Table-Wear (2010)

Limited series of porcelain jewelry inspired by table ware » (jpg)

Milk from fridge (2010)

Porcelain jug » (jpg)

Night Pockets (2010)

Storage for small bedroom » (jpg)

Chapters (2010)

My Master graduation project » (pdf, 2.2MB)

Wave (2009)

Porcelain cups » (jpg)

Rings (2009)

A series of porcelain design–rings » (jpg)

Soul–Homes (2009)

A limited series of unique porcelain rings » (jpg)
A limited series of unique porcelain brooches » (jpg)

Experiments (2009)

Research for a new way of shaping » (jpg)

Home fractions (2009)

Architecture inspired porcelain sculptures » (jpg)

Impressions of Mor (2008)

A special series of small porcelain sculptures inspired by the city Mor
» Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3 (jpg)

One-fold (2008)

Ceramic bowl concept » (jpg)

Glass bricks (2008)

Architectural glass bricks » (jpg)

Dish with a lid (2007)

Integrated dish and lid made from porcelain and wood » (jpg)

Seeds (2007)

Porcelain Seeds - Shape study of nature » (jpg)

Patterns (2007)

Pattern designs for porcelain table ware » (jpg)

Inside-Outside (2006)

Metal sculptures » (jpg)
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