Eszter Imre is a Hungian born designer and artist currently based in Switzerland,
working flexibly all over Europe where ever interesting projects and commissions invite her.

“I am a driven and passionate  designer with a multidisciplinary background and years of experience in product design, design management and creative problem solving in the Homeware and Luxury goods sector. I worked with some of the most iconic brands such as Vista Alegre, Lladro, Haviland and Kahla, where I was responsible for product design, NPD, 3D prototyping, production support and project management of my designs. As a designer I am efficient, creative, reliable; as a person I am curious, trustworthy and full of love for life. 
I offer a versatile and unusual skill set that is crucial to a successful business of our new fast–changing era and digital society. Such as an inspired eye, compassion and empathy on a personal level; and the exiting combination of manual knowledge of the tangible, user psychology, and solid digital skills with great verbal and visual communication as a professional. “